​​​​Life Coaching & Wellness Coaching

​​​​Hi, my name is Lou Recine. I am a husband and grandfather of five.

My coaching practice focus and philosophy
My life experiences have convinced me that there is a great need in men to be listened to, understood, and supported by other men in identifying and working towards their goals and in developing resiliency and the ability to thrive in the ups and downs of life.

I believe that we are each our own best expert at discovering what can help us to be happier, and what can best help us to achieve our goals. Sometimes, though, because of what might be going on in our lives or because of difficult challenges we are experiencing, we might need another person to help us find our way. This is where a coach can help. I strive to serve each client with an individualized, research-based approach.

I have received training in positive psychology coaching. Positive psychology coaching focuses on strengths, personal qualities, and strategies that help people thrive.

I offer life coaching, not therapy. I do not diagnose or treat psychological or medical conditions.

It has also been a privilege and a joy for me to work with my wife Ann Recine (Dr. Ann Recine Coaching) in helping both couples and individuals by sharing strategies for coping with troubling events, emotions, and people and to discover ways to thrive.

​Please contact me for an appointment or if you have questions:
*Phone: 715-441-3202 (you can call or text)
*Email: Ljrcyber@aol.com

*Please contact me via any of the above methods. Your information will remain confidential. You may leave your name, phone number and/or email if you get my voice mail.

​I operate under the LLC, Lou Recine Coaching.